Lumbar Sympathetic Block Injections

Lumbar Sympathetic Block Injections

What Are Lumbar Sympathetic Blocks Injections?

Lumbar sympathetic blocks are injections of local anesthetic given around the sympathetic nerves. The injections work to block pain from radiating from the nerves in the lower back to other parts of the body.

Types of Pain Lumbar Sympathetic Blocks Treat

Patients suffering from radiating nerve pain, spasms, chronic stomach pain or excessive sweating may benefit from Lumbar sympathetic block injections. The blocks work to target the sympathetic nervous system, which controls involuntary functions such as blood flow, digestion and sweating.

Results of Lumbar Sympathetic Blocks Injections

Pain Reduction

Lumbar sympathetic blocks reduce pain for a temporary amount of time. They can help control radiating pain from the sympathetic nerves located in the back, near the spine.

Involuntary Functions

Lumbar sympathetic block injections help increase bodily control over involuntary functions, such as sweating, blood flow and digestion.

Decrease Spasms:

These injections help reduce the frequency of involuntary spasms in muscles.

Who Should Use Lumbar Sympathetic Blocks Injections for Pain Management

Your pain management doctor may recommend lumbar sympathetic blocks to those suffering from stomach pain, excessive sweating, spasms and discomfort caused by the sympathetic nervous system.